A HEADLINE, “Days of Thunder”, caught my eye somewhere recently.

I can’t recall, now, what it was all about; but it triggered an idea in my mind – thoughts of days down the decades when seminal events in Celtic history occurred. The #TIMVERSE that follows is the product of that moment of …  … well, let’s just call it “Timspiration”?

It features a random and highly subjective selection of such days … a whimsical potted history of some of the beacons on the high ground of Celtic history … presented in what I hope you will find an entertaining and stimulating format.

“Hail! Hail! The Celts are here!”


“Days of Thunder”

 … when Walfrid, Glass, and Welsh

had seized the day

and launched a cause …            


… when ould acquaintance

flared in auld Cathcart

and legend loomed –

the thunder boomed!                 


… when Neilly’s strike

first smote the ancient foe

and lit a fuse …     


… when the cream of Scotia

stepped up to the plate

and led the charge …


… when a bhoy from Croy

led Maley’s mighty line

and men were men …


… when Patsy

fused atomic grit with guile

and broke the mould –

the thunder rolled!


… when young McGrory

set the game alight

and carved his niche …


… when spoils like Lizzie’s

Cup came up for grabs

and the Celts stepped in …


… when bathed in Hampden

sun we sang in praise

and stayed to gloat …  


… when a million tremors

shook the Jungle floor

and big Tam prowled –

the thunder growled!


… when exiled Stein came home

trumped Europe’s best

and cured the game …


… when in the heat of Lisbon

thousands came

and Lions roared …


… when Real craved

restitution in Madrid

and Jinky wowed …


… when pre-Milan

euphoria had waned

and Timdom sighed

… … the thunder died.                      


… when big Jock’s green machine

eclipsed the field

and clocked up ‘9’   


… when odds were stacked

but ten men won the league

and wrote their page –

the thunder raged!              


… when Tayside trauma

triggered broken hearts

and the peepel reeled –

the thunder pealed!              


… when Cesar forged

Centenary delight

and slayed the beast …


… when Fergus played his hand

to blunt the axe

and the rebels won …


… when our Norsemen

stuck it to Auld Dignity

and ‘10’ got zapped –

the thunder clapped!


… when Jo prescribed

a dose of Lubo craft

and sorcery …


… when Martin cast his spell

re-kindled faith

and spawned Seville …


… when Lenny’s moonlight vision

caught his breath

and stirred his soul …


… when Brendan heard the call

embraced the gig

and sealed the pact –

the thunder cracked!


… when long Tom

nailed Invincibility’

and the label stuck –

the lightning struck!


Copyright © 25thMay1967, June 2017


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