“If that’s Moving On … then he’s Moving Out” (with apologies to Billy Joel)

LIKE MANY OTHERS, I suspect, I have become increasingly disillusioned with the passing of time and the growing impression that the “Moving On” so brazenly promoted and engineered by a cynical Scottish Football establishment, a complicit SMSM  … and most incredibly of all, by many clubs that were disadvantaged by the shenanigans surrounding the liquidation of RFC1872 and the attendant bad governance of our game, increasingly appears to be happening by default.

Hopes that natural and legal justice would prevail have been raised more than once in the six excruciating years since the eventual downfall that got under way on Valentine’s Day 2012, only for those hopes to be cruelly dashed on the jagged rocks of contrivance and apathy.

Is it too naive to hope that: the potential alignment of a long-foretold but elusive financial collapse of RFC(IL)’s successor club, TRIFC2012; the apparently imminent ‘cold-shouldering’ of its Chairman; and yesterday’s resignation of beleaguered SFA Chief Executive, Stewart Regan ( … yes, folks – he’s “Movin’ Out” … ), could create a hiatus of opportunity in which someone … I think we all know who it would have to be … might re-ignite under the raw and as yet unresolved issues involved, a flame that could conflagrate into a bonfire of overdue restitution?

Well, it probably is, actually … but Hope springs eternal.



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