What could yet be …

CONTINUING the general theme of the previous post (“What might have been …” ), we speculate on what might yet be possible if the proponents of good governance in Scottish Football keep the faith, keep their nerve and keep banging the drum for the need to set the record straight once and for all before any “Moving On” can happen.

The ‘Resolution 12′ guys’ slogan says it all, really:


We’ve simply got to keep on believing that to be the case.  The alternative is depressing and unacceptable.

If all the “Internet Bampots” can find the resolve to keep on pushing for the justice we all crave, who knows what might still be possible.  We all know who they are and what a valiant campaign they have been waging – at times seemingly banging their heads against a determined Establishment / SMSM brick wall of determination to suppress the truth and airbrush away grisly reality.

What is needed is the oxygen of publicity beyond the confines of the narrow mindedness that holds sway in this little country of ours.

Every now and then a little victory is won in that battle – little victories like the appearance of the following in Charles Sale’s ‘Sports Diary’ in yesterday’s Daily Mail, as highlighted on Video Celts.

Such fissures in the Dam of Denial that is holding back the potential flood of progress in our game, can become splintering cracks that radiate out to finally burst its Res12tance.

Follow the links:


… and Keep the Faith!


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