The ‘What’ Trilogy 3: Moving On …

WHAT circumstances would justify ‘Moving On’ to those of us who can’t as things currently stand in Scottish Football?

It’s quite simple, really.  All we’ve ever wanted is justice:

  • For Establishment whitewash to be to be stripped off to expose the malfeasance that has been poisoning the game in Scotland for more years than we know for sure.


  • For metaphorical carpets to be lifted to reveal the dirt that has been cynically swept under them by those charged with upholding the integrity of our national sport.
  • For those who have done wrong to be brought to book and punished appropriately.
  • For convenient ‘mythologies’ to be dispelled.
  • And for proper systems of governance to be put in place and applied for the benefit of the game in general and of every club, impartially, to guarantee a genuine level playing field, going forward.

Surely that’s not too much to ask?  But how to achieve it?

  1. First and foremost, a full and thorough review of the handling of the tumultuous issues that have bedeviled Scottish Football in the wake of the Administration and Liquidation of Rangers 1872 (IL).  The structural nature of such an inquiry is secondary to the absolute requirement that it must be fully independent and transparently fair and wide-ranging.  Denied by the thoroughly discredited and recently departed Chief Executive of the SFA, it just has to happen for ‘Moving On’ to have any authenticity or credibility.
  2. Based on the findings of the above, the appropriate implementation, without fear or favour, of sanctions and punishments for any wrongdoing exposed – including, though not restricted to, the stripping of any ill-gotten trophies and titles in the period affected.
  3. A public proclamation that the club that took its place in SFL2 following the Administration and Liquidation of Rangers 1872 (IL) did so (whether entitled to under prevailing rules, or not) as a new club, not as one relegated from the Scottish Premiership.
  4. An official acknowledgement that the club currently playing out of Ibrox IS that new club and NOT a continuation, or re-incarnation of Rangers 1872 (IL), with entitlement to the attendant history, or ‘Roll of Honour’ of that dead club.  That need not be an acknowledgement by the club itself, as such an admission is so improbable as to be completely “off the radar”, so to speak – simply an unequivocal statement by the powers-that-be in Scottish Football that that is the case.

If the general thrust of the above were to be accomplished, give or take the odd specific here and there, I for one would be minded to ‘Move On’.  Until that day dawns, I will remain the same old “paranoid” Tim I have always been – and remember … you’re not paranoid if they’re all out to get you!



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