ON THE DAY that would have been Bobby Collins’ 87th birthday, we are delighted to post a special 25thmay1967 verse tribute to the wee man:


“The Wee Barra”

The ‘Barra’ was a stalwart of the Bhoys in days of yore –

a giant, though of stature quite compact.

A mainstay of the squads that wrote the ’fifties into lore –

with Stein and Fernie, Evans, Peacock …

what an act!

’51 and ’53 were years when Celtic made their mark –

a potential all too often unfulfilled.

First a Scottish, then the Mungo – played the others off the park,

the ‘Lizzie Cup’, a Double, too …

thrill after thrill!

In a squad jam-packed with heroes, the ‘Wee Barra’ measured up –

even Tully couldn’t put him in the shade.

Would-be hard men tried it on but he was made of sterner stuff …

our little big man just stood tall

and unafraid!

Soon before he left for England, Bobby Collins joined the ranks

of the legends born at ‘Hampden in the Sun’.

Bossing Revie’s Leeds entitled him to their eternal thanks –

but he’d always be a Tim …

a special one!


Copyright © 25thmay1967

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