Make your mind up time, Mr Regan …


What I consider the flagrant abuse by the Administrators’ of Rangers (IA) of the fundamental right to legal protection (a gamble triggered by their arrogant belief that they are fireproof within Scottish football and society), may be about to backfire spectacularly; and has certainly created a massive moral dilemma for the SFA.  Do they follow through by showing the courage of their convictions – or do they capitulate by bowing to the breathtaking arrogance of the blatant challenge to their authority that the mischievous action at the Court of Session represents and the complacency of Hughie … sorry … Charles “Double Your Money” Green’s risible plea for leniency?

To any right-thinking observer, it’s a no-brainer.  Clearly, the penalty imposed and subsequently upheld by the SFA tribunals was intended as a considered step down from the prescribed penalty they actually felt most appropriate out of the specific menu of punishments available to them …  the one that most accurately reflected the seriousness of the charges.  Indeed, they explained as much in their published reasons.  In other words, it was, in itself, a concession within the spirit of SFA articles and rules, which should have been appreciated for what it was, rather than rebelled against in a court of law.

Bear in mind, too, that it is merely the penalty, NOT the question of guilt, or degree of guilt, at which the Court of Session baulked … wrongly, in my humble opinion.

Accordingly, whatever alternative penalty is decided by the appellate tribunal to which the Court of Session ruling will now be referred, should logically gravitate towards the more severe options, rather than diluting the punishment even more.  After all, to further reduce the penalty would effectively, not only justify but REWARD a court action that the SFA (not to mention FIFA) have already roundly condemned.  All of which doesn’t leave Mr Regan and his colleagues a great deal of room for manoeuvre, especially with the eyes of the whole football world now firmly fixed on the SFA’s next move.

Given the extent to which the governing bodies are widely perceived to have gone, by determined procrastination and at times, misinformation, throughout this whole sorry saga, to smooth Rangers’ path to potential recovery and convenient rehabilitation, the national association’s next move will be very interesting.

The floor is yours, Mr Regan.


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