Bare-faced cheek …


Rumour this morning has it that Rangers and the SFA may be about to try to “cut a deal” over the current turmoil in which they find themselves embroiled … largely of their own mutual making.

“CUT A DEAL”, for God’s sake … what effrontery … you couldn’t make it up!

So this is what we’ve come to, is it?  Rangers getting to negotiate their own punishment?  If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be hilarious – but funny it most certainly is NOT.

Sad thing is, with all the shilly-shallying that’s been going on since this whole saga began, with both the SFA and the SPL apparently prepared to bend over backwards in accommodation of the alleged perpetratators of arguably the worst offences in Scottish football history, few would really be surprised if some sort of cosy settlement was cobbled together behind closed doors.

Surely that really would be the beginning of the end for the game in this country, though …

… please say it won’t be so, Mr R!

The yardstick for any penalty that emerges is simple – if Charles Green is comfortable with it, it’s totally inadequate.  Of course, the rumours may be no more than typical MSM speculation and wishful moonbeams.


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