Beware the Patriot …


According to his biographer, James Boswell, on the evening of 7th April 1775, Dr Samuel Johnson, one of the most celebrated figures in English literature, famously coined the saying, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.He was, of course, referring to false patriotism, NOT genuine devotion to, love of, support for, or defence of one’s country.

According to this morning’s Sunday Express, Rangers (IA) has been gripped by a terrible dread of its current plight somehow impacting adversely on Scottish football.  Apparently, it is that sudden rush of allegedly hitherto scant altruism down Govan way that is prompting prospective owner and saviour, Charles Green, to seek some sort of accommodation with the SFA – nothing at all to do with promoting the prospect of him and his mysterious consortium benefiting from the whole sorry mess into which Rangers (IA) has plunged.

Any link between the above two totally unrelated thoughts is purely in the minds of those making the connection.


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