Magic in Madrid …


DATELINE … 7th June 1967 … Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid … Alfredo di Stefano Testimonial … Real Madrid 0   Celtic 1

Magic in Madrid

Behind … a season in the sun;

ahead … a gauntlet thrown –

a clash of titans


fertile seeds of

legend sown.

Aristocratic señors,

out to set

the record straight;

new maestros,

oozing self-belief:

one spent force, one in spate.

The baying mob,

by surfeit,

pre-disposed to sweet success;

upstart usurpers

from the north:

young blood with greatness blessed.

Proud Latin gladiators,

bold … defiant …

stood their ground;

fierce Celtic lions,

roaring free,

by cantrip wore them down.

A tribute to “The Arrow”

it was billed –

and meant to be;

but to a man

they rose to hail

our magic “Flying Flea”!

Copyright © 25thMay1967, 7 June 2012

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