“… Gambling is his Game.”


So ends the opening verse of the theme tune to the classic TV western, “Maverick”.

Any poker player knows that perception is crucial, that creating an aura of confidence is key to your chances of winning the hand.  A good poker face can compensate for the weakest of hands and has been known to carry the day, even when the cards are heavily stacked against a player.

Charles Green may fancy himself at poker.

Stand by for a few days of grandstanding in sympathetic areas of the MSM in the run-up to Thursday’s pivotal creditors’ meeting to decide on the Rangers (IA) CVA proposal.  You know the kind of thing:

… uplifting stories of the inevitability of success and a golden future under Mr Green’s benign, enlightened stewardship.

… in the highly unlikely event of the rejection of the CVA (which is, of course, the best possible outcome for all concerned) the bold Charles will simply scoop up the assets and revert to Newco mode.

… etc, etc.

It has already started, aimed at the gullible and the desperate; and signals the start of possibly the biggest hand of poker ever dealt in Scottish football history.

Heretic dissenters, beware.

Those “in the know” assure us that the game is up – but once the cards are dealt, it is often a case of who blinks first.  Until the cards are folded, all bets are off … especially if there is any chance the deck may be loaded.

If, by some curious twist, the alleged perpetrators of the most outrageous fraud in British sporting history manage to rake in the chips, we might as well all take up bowls …

… think about it.


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